It is impossible not to be impressed by Kelly’s creativity, her vigor, commitment, enthusiasm, intelligence; qualities that would enhance any professional setting. Personally, I have never worked with anyone with greater sense of purpose and professional style than Kelly Jones Sharp.
—Roberta Schonemann, Ph.D., Lafayette, Ind.

“I want to give a big congratulations to Kelly Sharp for her incredible stewardship of a panel discussion that preceded a viewing of the movie Straight Outta Compton. The incredible panel discussion spoke compelling and insightfully of the movie’s themes, including racial injustice and forms of expression that are needed to speak truth to power.…The panel received a standing ovation. The theater was packed with … at least 300 people. Congratulations again to Kelly. She conceived and created this event with her force of will.”
Jane Henegar, Executive Director, ACLU of Indiana, July 8, 2016
More info about the event:

“Kelly is a true professional who has great instincts regarding politics and communications….she is highly energetic and motivated, and she is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”
—Steve Campbell, President, Campbell Strategies LLC

“Kelly is a dedicated professional with outstanding skills as a communicator.”
—Morton J. Marcus, Independent economist, speaker and writer
“Kelly is a hardworking, reliable and affable professional. She is a gifted, insightful, creative writer who can handle a wide range of writing tasks. Her writing is clear, crisp, and compelling.”
—Dan Schipp, Senior Consultant, Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates
“Kelly has been writing for us on topics with which she had no familiarity. Her writing makes it seem as if she has always been an expert. I can give her the smallest suggestion and she will take it and turn it into a finished product, ready to publish.”
—Damon Richards, President, Port-to-Port Consulting
“Kelly Jones Sharp is a very skilled and driven professional. There are many reasons why working with Kelly is a pleasure. One is her ability to communicate concisely and to clearly set expectations. All our projects were made better because of her discipline and precision. It’s great to have worked with someone who accepts only the best from those around her.”
—PJ Christie, Account Executive, Small Box Web
“I enjoy a great sense of confidence when working with Kelly on challenging projects simply because her technical abilities coupled with her attention to detail are second to none.”
—Don Nicholls, Resource Development Specialist, Hamilton County Parks & Recreation


Testimonials from my work at the Indiana Dental Association

“Ms. Sharp writes beautifully, concisely, and handles medically-related subjects that prove complex and technical in nature.”
—Diane M. Buyer, DDS, state chair of the Indiana Dental Association’s Dental Erosion Outreach Campaign, Indianapolis
“The site ( is looking good. I think it has your stamp all over it….It is an outstanding project which would be nowhere without you.”
—Diane M. Buyer, DDS
“[Kelly’s] attention to detail, extensive knowledge of current technology and creativity made her an invaluable asset to the organization.”
—Steven J. Holm, DDS, Indiana Dental Association Speaker of the House, Portage
“Kelly caught on to our dental terminology quickly and converted it so all could understand, and she did it with an imagination that never seemed to stop…. You will find no better professional at editing and media production…you will find a person of high integrity who is a pleasure to work with.”
—Charles Poland, III, DDS, Indianapolis
“Kelly is a quick study with a keen sense of media relations. Kelly is a talented journalist who continually projected our association in the most favorable light….Kelly elevated the professional relations of our entire association.”
—Mark R. Stetzel, DDS, Indiana Dental Association Past-President, Fort Wayne
“Kelly was instrumental in taking the IDA from a ‘sleepy little dental association’ with barely any media presence to a recognized source for oral health information.”
—Domenick T. Zero, DDS, Associate Dean for Research & Director of the Oral Health Research Institute at Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis