The long odds of my New Year’s resolution

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 at 22:08

Thank goodness I’m approaching this project with a realistic degree of optimism. Otherwise, I might have considered New Year’s Day, the first day of this project, a complete failure. Instead, I’m looking at the experience as an opportunity to change not only my behavior, but that of a major corporation.

So we found ourselves at the movie theater at Glendale yesterday in need of lunch between movies (we saw Vice and Mary Poppins Returns). Much to my dismay, there I was on Day 1 of my resolution to say goodbye to plastic, consuming a drink with a plastic lid and straw, and a hot dog in a plastic clamshell container, topped with condiments from single-serve plastic packets.

Let’s face it. We’re all plagued with these dilemmas. So here’s what I decided to do about it. I wrote Landmark Theatres a nice long letter, praising their use of biodegradable brown paper popcorn bags, educating them about the dangers of plastic waste in our environment, and offering suggestions for eliminating plastic in their concessions. Download the letter, below, and feel free to use it, or parts of it, for your own letter. And stay tuned. I plan to follow up with them and engage them on Twitter @indykjsharp.

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